Come look at this design I’m working on!

I know you just ate a lot yesterday, and it hurts terribly to think about food.

But I have to show you this food logo anyway.


I’ve been working on the design evolution of Stickler’s: Frozen Perfection On A Stick.

The official unveiling hasn’t occurred yet, but you will soon be able to get these delicious treats in a storefront in Pittsburgh!

The brand was originally the Pop Stop:


The Pop Stop’s logo(s) had a sort of Andy Warhol vibe, because Pittsburgh’s where Warhol is from. (If you’re ever in the Steel City, check out the Andy Warhol Museum.)

The Pop Stop was a food truck that served fresh-fruit, mostly vegan treats.

Because, as it turns out, the Pop Stop name was being used by another organization, its owners considered becoming Ramblin’ Pops:


I loved the hell out of this design. The font was cool (and free — download it here). The cloud was also a bite. An optimistic hippie sunrise emblazoned the horizon.

But then: a storefront presented itself. The owners of the company were psyched to have a home! In a brick-and-mortar context, “Ramblin’ Pops” ceased to make sense.

So… I got to make…


These goddamn glorious creatures. I call them the Wholesome Homies.

I cannot even begin to describe how much I love these things. I want stuffed animals of all of them. I want t-shirts out of them. I want to turn them into an argyle patterned sweater and wear them.

There’s also a master logo that includes all of them (minus faces):


It might be used in certain contexts. But it’s not NEARLY as good as the Wholesome Homies.

Nothing ever will be.

Anyone else working on anything new?

Links to Digest Through The Haze of Your Food Coma

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Has plant mimicry gone too far? This article is a must-read: “Blow flies find the horrific smell and the flesh-colored hairy inflorescence of the plant irresistible.” Oh-kay, Mother, Nature.

The League of Regrettable Superheroes is now on my holiday list.

A thoughtful idea: using 3D printers to make works of art so the blind can experience them, too.

A crafts project that is… OUT OF THIS WORLD.

My fellow role-playing nerds and I purchased our DM (dungeon master, the guy that runs the show) some bitchin’ Fate Dice this week:


Because he’s an astrophysicist (I’m not making this up), I made him a special space-themed dice bag to go with the dice.


And I made a drawstring out of yarn to match the colors in the bag.


And it’s fully lined.


This post is 100% about me fluffing my feathers over how much I like this dice bag… and kind of wish I could keep it for myself.

What music should you be ashamed of liking?

Should you be ashamed of the sounds your ears like hearing? At what age do you stop apologizing and start listening to whatever you want, balls to the wall?

At work, we put on a Spotify “guilty pleasures playlist.” It started out really strong:

Photograph of Vertical HorizonVertical Horizon! I’m not ashamed of that!

The playlist went on to feature Marilyn Manson, Ace of Base, and Phil Collins. I’m not ashamed of those, either!

Screen Grab Photo of Wild Wild West Starring Will SmithThen “Wild Wild West” came on. The song written for and inspired by Wild Wild West.

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10 Halloween Party Lies, Photos, and Tales

I took all these photos, but some aren’t of my Halloween party.

I had all of these experiences, but some were only in my head.

1. A rabbit-masked man slashed the head off a pinata with a samurai sword. It was a practice sword, made of wood. Pieces of candy spewed from its neck like its jugular had been hacked.


2. One of the children disappeared. We found her in the crawlspace with the Christmas decorations. She and a plush Rudolph were reading a cookbook by flashlight.

3. A boy dressed as a bumblebee found a tick on his ankle. A boy dressed as a cracked porcelain doll found a succubus attached to him. Unlike the bumblebee, he didn’t put up a fuss.


4. A child with night vision played frisbee in the ink-black backyard. His twin, who didn’t have night vision, was a poor partner for this.

5. A man spent a few hours at the party in a ski mask. After he left, we realized he wasn’t one of us.


6. Someone at the party wore a tee that said “Life.” He spent the evening handing out lemons. I used one of the lemons in a recipe this morning.

7. A mask’s spirit possessed its wearer’s body all evening. The ghost and party-goer had similar personalities, so nobody noticed.


8. Our Ouija board caught on fire. The demon we were summoning was angry that we weren’t taking the seance seriously. We’re on the lookout for another board now.

9. Five people brought cheese plates. The girl who dressed as Minnie Mouse was overwhelmed by joy.


10. The dog was cooperative and quiet all evening. Just kidding. This one’s obviously a lie.